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Quest Loot

Here’s a brief follow-up to my previous post. The one positive thing about all these instantaneous-access stuff that comes from high-end computers and the internet, is that it can make for a good incentive. There’s no shortage of games that you might want to play, or movies and TV shows you might want to be watching. So why don’t you use that as sort of a reward for completing the other, less fun, tasks during the day?

It’s like loot you get after completing a quest in some game. Except the quest is like: Do your homework, go to work, maintain healthy relationships with friends, run errands, do a sick backflip, y’know, whatever it is you may have to do in the day. The loot is like getting to watch some dope movie or something.

I find this to be a useful solution for days when I just want to mindlessly procrastinate. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Ian Vollrath-SmithComment