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The Information Age

Every once in a while I hear people refer to about 1995 - Present Day as being “The Information Age”. With computers going mainstream, the internet being way more expansive and intuitive (sporting high-quality video, among other things), and the age of the Smart-Phone, the way we access information is quite different than it was before.

You can listen to some random guy on Twitter rant about something he doesn’t know anything about with more convenience and instantaneous-access than you could read The New York Times or The Washington Post in 1985.

It’s a bizarre world we live in where Google Maps knows when the last time you visited this McDonalds was, so you can intuitively feel bad about eating so much junk food.

Not to mention various websites and operating systems tracking the sites you go on, the kinds of links you click on, and the sorts of products you buy, so they can sell you stuff more accurately. Windows 10 has this stuff literally built into its OS.

The problem is, there’s too damn much, and it’s too damn convenient. It’s highly addictive, and you can get too used to having this insane level of content at your fingertips. This is why I quit watching YouTube videos. YouTube, in my opinion, is like 15% actual quality videos, and 85% irritating noise that is for some reason really entertaining. Not to mention the circus that is the comment section. Just, no.

Be careful out there, my friends.

Ian Vollrath-SmithComment