RELEASE BLOG: The Super Space Tour 2000!

Hey, so I just wanted to make this blog post to talk about The Super Space Tour 2000 a little bit. It's a new animated series I'm making, with a similar style to that of Tiny Town. Though I believe it is still more technically complex in some areas (more complex rigs with light facial animation, for one). It's going to be very similar to Tiny Town, however. In the sense that it's very on-the-fly writing with some absurd characters and general silliness. So yeah, it's about a crew of "Space-Adventurers" led by a robot who's programming is to document the entire universe. This first episode keeps it simple, not a whole lot has happened yet, but that will soon change. The basic premise of this, that they're exploring the universe, can potentially lead to pretty much any number of crazy scenarios, characters, planets, and what have you that the main characters will venture in. Basically, they're gonna have a lot of cool space adventures. Don't think this means I forgot about Tiny Town though. That's still happening. Anyways, that's pretty much it for now. Stay tuned!