Hey all, just a brief blog to tell you about this little series I'm trying out called Tiny Town! It's a crudely animated series that depicts the experiences of a group of tiny characters living in a "Tiny Town"! You can check them out on the Animations section of the site!

I kinda pitched this idea to myself when I thought about how long it takes for me to make an animation. I theorized an easier-to-create, more serialized style animation, that could still be entertaining despite being so aesthetically lackluster. So I came up with Tiny Town. It's a low risk thing for me, I might make five episodes and throw it in the garbage, or I might make fifty and just be getting started. The great thing about it is that they really are incredibly easy to actually produce. It takes probably four to eight hours to create one of these, as opposed to something like CornerStories, which is anywhere between 50 - 100 hours. That's a rough approximate though.

Anyways, enjoy the two episodes there are now. Definitely more to come!