RELEASE BLOG: CornerStories - Chapter One

So, this is going to be a side-note sort of blog to go alongside my most recent animation. It's the first chapter of a new series, CornerStories. Essentially, the creation of this resulted from me realizing two things, and reevaluating my process for animating as such. One, I have way too many ideas and stories that take place in the same universe, and that I might as well make it more cohesive and have each story be more clearly part of a whole, by incorporating all of these ideas into one series. Two, I realized that me, just being some random dude trying to do this basically by his lonesome, not getting paid in the process, doesn't have to have superb quality in terms of animation. At the time, trying to animate was tiresome, monotonous, and extremely overwhelming at times. So, I cranked the quality down a tad. I cut the framerate of character animations from 30 to 15 fps, I cheaped out on lip sync occasionally, and I wasn't too picky on the quality of the lines themselves. I haven't animated enough to come up with more of an accurate estimate on how much time this saved, but it felt like it sped up the process like five times over. I managed to bang this chapter out in something like five weeks. It was also more fun and less stressful. 

I want CornerStories to be somewhat different, and you'll see exactly what I mean by that in due time. I imagine some viewers might think that this show is entirely about Mr. Blah and Steve, when in-fact, they're just one piece of this massive puzzle. There's going to be many more characters, with many more stories. Some might connect, others might be isolated. The themes and genres of each are going to range. A Chapter could be comedy, action, mystery, abstract, or maybe even horror (though I don't have any real plans for that). I will say now though that the action animation that I mentioned multiple times, a few blogs ago, is definitely going to be a part of this series.

For now, that's all I really have to say about this. Special thanks to Arman Karshenas and k00lkyle for providing their voices and help with this first chapter, they're great guys and their eagerness to help was really inspiring. Redman, out.