I produce a variety of animated videos, done in both 2D and 3D! You can check em all out on my YouTube channel (click here), or have a look at some notable ones that I've embedded here on this page!

A Byte Of Life - Amazon Dash Button

This is the second installment in the animated series for A Byte Of Life! This episode revolves around Amazon's Dash Button!

The Super Space Tour 2000 - Chapter One: Humble Beginnings

Hey everyone, this is a new animated series I'm making with a couple friends called "The Super Space Tour 2000". It follows a crew of "Space Adventurers", led by a foul-mouthed robot, who's mission is to document the entire universe. Future episodes will demonstrate a little more of what this show is all about, but this first one sets it all in motion, so to speak. That's it for now, enjoy!

A Byte Of Life - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

This is the first segment in the new animated series of A Byte Of Life! This one is about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as you can see. Trying a new format here for A Byte Of Life, hopefully it'll stick!

CornerStories: Chapter One - "The Big City" (Released on 12/15/2016)

This is the start of a new animated series I am making, called CornerStories. Basically, it details the adventures of various characters who are living in the city of CornerStone. This first episode may seem rather straightforward, but I have plans to branch the story out into many odd and unexpected directions. In any case, I hope you all enjoy this first chapter. One more thing to note, if you are not aware, this is a direct tie-in (meaning it takes place in the same Universe) to the comics you can find here on the site!

Tiny Town - Episode One: "Aw Rats"

In this first episode of Tiny Town, Ratty squares off against a rather annoying opponent. 


Tiny Town - Episode Two: "Salty"

In this episode of Tiny Town, Ratty meets a new friend.

Tiny Town - Episode Three: "The Master Of The Universe"

In this episode of Tiny Town, Ratty has a spiritual conversation with an omnipotent being.

Tiny Town - Episode Four: "Invaders"

In this episode of Tiny Town, Ratty and Salty have an eye-opening encounter with the Green Army.

Tiny Town - Episode Five: "Munchies"

In this episode of Tiny Town, Ratty and Salty hang out by the windowsill.

Tiny Town - Episode Six: "Operation Roachlord"

In this episode of Tiny Town, Ratty and Salty team up with Sarge and his army to finally put an end to that pesky cockroach invasion.

In this episode of Tiny Town, Ratty cheers up a Pizza who is down on his luck.