Hello and welcome to! Here you'll find a series of comic strips and cartoons that I, the great Redman, have created!

If you want to know more about me, check out the about section of my site. If you want to contact me, check out the contact section of my site. Convenient, I know.

First off, I would recommend on checking out the daily comic, Roomies, found under comics. I will be providing a new issue to it every weekday, have a look.

If you have any interest in video games or tech culture, I would suggest reading A Byte of Life, found under comics. It's my take on a video game comic, featuring zany juxtapositions of game characters and references-a-plenty!

If you just want to read a solid comic with some humor and action, read Bill and Bob, also found under comics. Bill and Bob is currently in Story Arc Number Two, "ZERO-G CATASTROPHE!"

I also do animations! If you look under the Animations section of the site, you can watch them. You can see other, older stuff that I don't want to be on the site (because they're weird and not very watchable) on my Newgrounds.

Finally, I run a Podcast, called "An Hour With Redman"! It's a interview/discussion show where I feature a new guest every episode! 

This site is largely a work-in-progress, but the basic design of it is complete. I have my sister to thank for currently being the one paying for the domain name, 'tis quite generous.

Lastly, I have a blog that I plan to update often, perhaps monthly. So, if there isn't a new comic to read or a new cartoon to watch, there will most-likely be a new blog post to read.

Here's to the future!